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We are here because the [Drupal Dojo](http://groups.drupal.org/drupal-dojo) needed a space in which can manage the Dojo/Kata projects, develop taxonomy, workflow, learning tools and learning content, not to mention managing development sandboxes for a wide range of [Drupal Open Learning Initiatives](http://drupalopenlearning.org). This is the project management and development arm of the Dojo and the [Dojo space in Groups.Drupal.org](http://groups.…

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RE: http://drupalkata.com/drupaldojo/node/2746

Hi Mateng,

I set up a private Sandbox group which requires invitation.
Private means content will not affect other site users and will not be of any use to spammers.

I subscribed you to Sandbox http://drupalkata.com/sandbox/

After you login, click your username in the upper left hand corner, and select Sandbox.

I will monitor the group for questions.

Content added to Sandbox should be considered…

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I am overwhelmed by all the features :).

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Hello all, I'm new to the


Hello all,

I'm new to the group, but I'd be willing to sign on as an apprentice. I find this whole concept to be very intriguing. I'm a web designer/developer and I'd best fit into the apprentice and front end/themer category. Thanks.


A main reason for setting up a [Dojo project](http://drupalkata.com/drupaldojo/) on the Kata was that we'd turn each phase of development into a learning workshop and also provide opportunities for apprentices to learn by working on the project. This in turn could form the [proof of concept](http://drupalkata.com/drupalkata/node/223) for subsequent Kata projects.

While we've managed to [create an outline](http://drupalkata.com/…


New site launched!


Just in-case you missed it, the new Drupal Dojo website is live! Huge props to Aaron Winborn, Trevor Twining, and others who have helped develop and design the site. Also big thanks to Acquia, Pronovix, Advomatic, and Omega8.cc for providing human resource and…


Wireframes posted


With the main functionality in place on the development site, we're going back to theming and design. Trevor is currently working on wireframes and posting them here -

Dojo pre-launch checklist


The following are open issues and priorities that need to be resolved before the new Drupal Dojo site is live. Let's review, revise, implement, and get this thing up and running!

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I extracted this from the current masthead design to allow for a more branded image on twitter.

November 10 meeting notes


Due to client obligations, we didn't have the entire team for [our weekly session](/drupaldojo/node/278). Kristof, Aaron, and myself had a quick skype call to recap progress and our plan over the next few weeks - points covered were as follows:

**Drupal Dojo redesign**

* Development - Aaron is spending some time over the next few days working on [priority issues](/node/206)
* Design and theme - Trevor is still plugging away and will [post progress here](/node/204)
* Timeline to launch - Consensus is we'll have some ready to launch very soon; end of November, if…