We are here because the [Drupal Dojo](http://groups.drupal.org/drupal-dojo) needed a space in which can manage the Dojo/Kata projects, develop taxonomy, workflow, learning tools and learning content, not to mention managing development sandboxes for a wide range of [Drupal Open Learning Initiatives](http://drupalopenlearning.org). This is the project management and development arm of the Dojo and the [Dojo space in Groups.Drupal.org](http://groups.drupal.org/drupal-dojo)

The [Drupal Dojo](http://drupaldojo.com/about) came from the Japanese concept of the dojo, which means: “the place of the way” and is defined as a training facility. The DrupalDojo.com has provided a centralized location for the development and delivery of open Drupal training.

The [DrupalKata](http://drupalkata.com/) is the project based learning arm of the Dojo. The Kata is able to facilitate a wide range of projects, pairing mentors with apprentices--whether it is two individuals or a project owner and a larger production team. The mission is to develop the projects in the open, identifying learning objectives & milestones, producing lessons and in some cases complete install profiles as projects are completed. The resulting training programs and code would be distributed via the Dojo and Drupal.org.

The current redesign of [DrupalDojo.com](http://drupaldojo.com/) is in and of itself a [Kata Learning Project](http://drupalkata.com/drupaldojo/).