This is a compilation of previous ideas and discussions.

Account information
This should be the only required info upon sign-up

  • username
  • E-mail address
  • password


  • Real Name
  • Drupal user name
  • IRC user name
  • Title
  • Company or organization
  • Interests/skills
  • Location
    • City
    • State
    • Zip or postal code
  • Website url: Your professional web page, blog, etc.
  • Short biography: A short history or background about yourself (25 words max).
  • Contact information: Public contact information (email, IM, phone, etc.)

Helping out (I think this could all be taxonomy)

  • Topics you would like to present - autocomplete
  • Where are you willing to travel - countries; regions; continents
  • Languages you present in
  • Role interested in (checkboxes)
    • Presenter
    • Video crew
    • Remote presentation setup
    • WIFI magician
    • Fundraiser
    • Mentor
    • Organizer

What remuneration do you need? (checkboxes)

  • Travel costs
  • A place to sleep
  • A hotel room
  • Speaker fee

Type of presentations you would like to give (checkboxes)

  • Drupal Dojo (screencast for webinar)
  • Drupal Kata (project training session)
  • Remote (screencast for event)
  • Drupal User Group (10-50)
  • Drupalcamp (30-200)
  • Drupalcon (50-400)


  • My content (text, audio, video, photos)
  • My projects
  • Friends
  • Favorite posts (lessons or posts of any kind)


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