Due to client obligations, we didn't have the entire team for [our weekly session](/drupaldojo/node/278). Kristof, Aaron, and myself had a quick skype call to recap progress and our plan over the next few weeks - points covered were as follows:

**Drupal Dojo redesign**

* Development - Aaron is spending some time over the next few days working on [priority issues](/node/206)
* Design and theme - Trevor is still plugging away and will [post progress here](/node/204)
* Timeline to launch - Consensus is we'll have some ready to launch very soon; end of November, if not sooner, is realistic.

**Drupal Kata**

* We recognized the fact that the Kata site and program needs some [structure and clarity](/media/node/273#comment-145). We'll be working through [relevant issues here](/drupalkata/casetracker/projects).
* Kristof and the [Pronovix](http://pronovix.com/) team (our hosting sponsor) are working to implement Aegir. We touched on using it to distribute features/profiles produced by the Kata and setting up Drupal sandboxes for training workshops.

**Site Building workshops**

* Touched on our [community media centric focus](/media/node/273) over the few months for projects. Our [site building sessions](/drupaldojo/node/171) will capture ongoing development and provide a means for teams to collaborate in real time.


* Brief discussion on various long term and short term business models and why a straightforward (yet very beneficial) content/website sponsorship is a good first step. [We are currently seeking out sponsors!](http://drupalkata.com/drupalopenlearning/node/40)


We're working on [tightening up our process for live sessions](/drupaldojo/node/165) and will commence site building workshops next Tuesday. In the meantime, we'll update progress here and in the relevant issues.

The project is wide open for those who want to participate and support!!