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Draft: Coordinating community initiatives, from the Drupal Bus to the Git migration, is critically important to the health of the Drupal project and the happiness of those who work on it. We believe there is a broad range of potential awesome initiatives between what a few individuals or a company can kick off, on one end of the spectrum, and what calls for the heft of the Drupal Association, on the other end. We would like to make these initiatives more likely to take flight or take root by helping bring people with the interest, time, skill, and resources together.

To aid Drupal people in coordinating community initiatives, we propose the following approaches: * A monthly conference call with IRC backchannel on community initiatives and what connections might be missed. * A place for people to describe specific initiatives and resources needed, to express support for posted initiatives in principal, and to pledge in practice support of work and resources, perhaps at drupal.visionsunite.org. Resources includes money and the system should including a means for aggregating funds.

Drupal.org's list of community initiatives: http://drupal.org/community-initiatives

Note: When putting content on groups.drupal.org, let's avoid creating another group. Paying for the Plumbing can be home base. Monthly Conference Calls will be announced as events under this GDO group.


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