Discussed with Nena W. Wong

Community, non-profit operated site

(at software.visionsunite.org or some other domain owned by a non-profit and operated for the community)


  1. Exchange Platform listing projects a. Drupal Contributions – Free Posting b. Private Project – Posting Fee
  2. Directory of Vendors
  3. General Donation Fund

Incentives to Donate/Participate

  1. Tax Deduction [research needed]
  2. Discounts
  3. Badge/Karma
  4. Developer “tips”
  5. Priority of Donation Fund Projects


  1. Upfront
  2. After Project Done

Third party (including Paid) Features

(To be provided by vendors on separate sites with some degree of integration.)

  1. Project Management
  2. Scope of Work a. Group Project b. Branches of Scope of Work
  3. Points to Recruit Buyers
  4. Project Management Tools (Open Atrium, Webenabled)
  5. Repository Hosting
  6. Dispute Resolution
  7. Payment Processing and Fund Management
  8. Hosting

GroupXE/Vendor Integration Features

  1. Share Listings
  2. Share Points
  3. Handle Payments


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