Republished as book/wiki for community updateAll these are volunteer positions (and not everyone has even formally assented to their assignment!) so please feel free to lighten the load by getting involved. If you would like to help: add your name, link to your DO profile, subscribe to post from this group (click on your username top-left and select 'Notifications'), get involved.


Where did we leave off? What/who do we need to update to the now?

  • Formal Requirements - Kathleen Murtagh
  • Information architecture - Mitchell Tannenbaum (with participation from Claudina Sarahe and others)
  • Wireframes - Mitchell Tannenbaum
  • Design - Romy (Carolyn Hong)
  • Project manager - Gus, ?
  • Liason between old/new vision and team - Ben
  • Creating fully functional protype on this Drupal Kata/Open Atrium site - Gus
  • Development - Kathleen, Benjamin, ... "the community"
  • Theming - Claudina, Romy ... ?


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