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I forgot there is/was a dropbox folder with a bunch of old Snowball files. I added the relevant pdfs. Glancing over them (for the first time!), I'm getting a clearer picture that 1) the workflows are very similar to what we wanted for DrupalKata (had we not also went into hibernation); 2) with Kata now on OA2, we can implement this and effectively have a functional prototype/proof of concept for Snowball or other sites/platforms that have similar requirements; 3) aside from the fundraising/ecommerce part, most everything we need is already baked into the platform and I could build/configure the majority myself. We need to fill out the team, reviewing/revising the plan, and determining the budget needed to make it sustainable...I can help push all that forward (as I'm trying to do already) if/when the initial funds can be allocated.