Snowball seeks to help people find one other and to reduce coordination friction, transaction costs, and risks. Part of this vision is driven by the idea of the power of everyone being in one network and so able to find one another based on interest and rely on one another based on skill, availability, and past reliability.

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It took another several


It took another several months, but +1 subscribe comments were finally killed without Snowball/Leapfrog/Coordinating-community-initiative's help. I would like to think the Drupal Association blatantly ripped off this idea though :-)

From today's DA newsletter:

We matched community donations to end +1 subscribes. We've all hated the avalanche of +1, sub, and subscribe comments on issue queues around, so we're doing something about it. As part of our continued efforts to make using a great experience, we've matched community donations to solve…more…


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