Derek Wright explaining that bills don't pay themselves:

We should run this campaign, maybe with a matching grant, before we even have any software. It is just too obvious and long-standing and high profile a need to pass up.

To do that though we do need to better define and brand the initiative codenamed Leapfrog, for coordinating community projects / funding free software. ?

(I don't care if Webchick is afraid of developers not volunteering their time once they start to get paid, that boat has already shipped here. I wrote in 2007, "Yes, I'm worried about what happens when you inject money where things were volunteer. I hope that instead funding particular improvements will support, and indirectly reward, the volunteer code and patches that are central to open source free software development." A little bit more plan behind the design of Leapfrog and a little less mere hope there would be good, i'll admit.)