Earl Miles asked for fundraising suggestions for the continued development of in-place editing. Doing this, in addition to helping get more awesomeness into the Drupal universe, would greatly help kickstart the effort to begin the cultural shift in the community toward self-investment.

Hi Earl!

At DrupalCon Chicago a whole bunch of people tried to start planning a better infrastructure for coordinating community initiatives, including with funding. Barry Madore of Advantage Labs is at DrupalCon London one of those continuing the work.

The idea is to be Kickstarter-like but better adapted for Free Software and interested parties finding each other over time, allowing more flexibility with revisions to the amounts needed and the deliverables planned, and potentially more integrated with other community resources in terms of credit for supporting.

I think Kickstarter would work for you in this case but i'd be honored if you would be one of the pilot projects of this initiative, which would accept tax-deductible donations directed to open source development. A lot of details have to be worked out but the


benjamin, agaric