Because we couldn't quite settle on what to call the community coordinated initiatives / funding free software / open collaboration site we were talking about, Kathleen Murtagh and i codenamed it Leapfrog (for what it will allow free software to do to proprietary software).

List moved to book/wiki page so others can signup

Original list:

  • Formal Requirements - Kathleen Murtagh
  • Information architecture - Mitchell Tannenbaum (with participation from Claudina Sarahe and others)
  • Wireframes - Mitchell Tannenbaum
  • Design - Romy (Carolyn Hong)
  • Development - Kathleen, Benjamin, ... "the community"
  • Theming - Claudina, Romy ... ?

All these are volunteer positions (and not everyone has even formally assented to their assignment!) so please feel free to lighten the load by getting involved.