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Saturday, September 26 2015

Monday, September 26 2011

  • 4:36am

    It took another several months, but +1 subscribe comments were finally killed without Snowball/Leapfrog/Coordinating-community-initiative's help. I would like to think the Drupal Association blatantly ripped off this idea though :-)

    From today's DA newsletter:

    We matched community donations to end +1 subscribes. We've all hated the avalanche of +1, sub, and subscribe comments on issue queues around, so we're doing something about it. As part of our continued efforts to make using a great experience, we've matched community donations to solve an issue posted almost 6 years ago! Thanks to everyone who has been working on this, especially Derek Wright. Follow the progress and help with the testing: Let this "+1 Subscribe" be your last.

Wednesday, August 24 2011

Tuesday, August 23 2011

Thursday, May 5 2011

Sunday, April 17 2011

  • 5:40am

    Derek Wright explaining that bills don't pay themselves:

    We should run this campaign, maybe with a matching grant, before we even have any software. It is just too obvious and long-standing and high profile a need to pass up.

    To do that though we do need to better define and brand the initiative codenamed Leapfrog, for coordinating community projects / funding free software. ?

    (I don't care if Webchick is afraid of developers not volunteering their time once they start to get paid, that boat has already shipped here. I wrote in 2007, "Yes, I'm worried about what happens when you inject money where things were volunteer. I hope that instead funding particular improvements will support, and indirectly reward, the volunteer code and patches that are central to open source free software development." A little bit more plan behind the design of Leapfrog and a little less mere hope there would be good, i'll admit.)

Friday, April 15 2011

  • 11:57am

    Discussed with Nena W. Wong

    Community, non-profit operated site

    (at or some other domain owned by a non-profit and operated for the community)


    1. Exchange Platform listing projects a. Drupal Contributions – Free Posting b. Private Project – Posting Fee
    2. Directory of Vendors
    3. General Donation Fund

    Incentives to Donate/Participate

    1. Tax Deduction [research needed]
    2. Discounts
    3. Badge/Karma
    4. Developer “tips”
    5. Priority of Donation Fund Projects


    1. Upfront
    2. After Project Done

    Third party (including Paid) Features

    (To be provided by vendors on separate sites with some degree of integration.)

    1. Project Management
    2. Scope of Work a. Group Project b. Branches of Scope of Work
    3. Points to Recruit Buyers
    4. Project Management Tools (Open Atrium, Webenabled)
    5. Repository Hosting
    6. Dispute Resolution
    7. Payment Processing and Fund Management
    8. Hosting

    GroupXE/Vendor Integration Features

    1. Share Listings
    2. Share Points
    3. Handle Payments
  • 11:30am

    Because we couldn't quite settle on what to call the community coordinated initiatives / funding free software / open collaboration site we were talking about, Kathleen Murtagh and i codenamed it Leapfrog (for what it will allow free software to do to proprietary software).

    List moved to book/wiki page so others can signup

    Original list:

    • Formal Requirements - Kathleen Murtagh
    • Information architecture - Mitchell Tannenbaum (with participation from Claudina Sarahe and others)
    • Wireframes - Mitchell Tannenbaum
    • Design - Romy (Carolyn Hong)
    • Development - Kathleen, Benjamin, ... "the community"
    • Theming - Claudina, Romy ... ?

    All these are volunteer positions (and not everyone has even formally assented to their assignment!) so please feel free to lighten the load by getting involved.

Friday, March 11 2011