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Thursday, May 27 2010

  • 10:19am

    Learning projects provide invaluable ways to gain experience and learn by doing; however, the lessons learned can also be extremely valuable to those looking for self-paced training or 'just in time' instruction and reference tools.

    We are looking for individuals able to work with the Project Managers, Mentors and Apprentices to help insure that Learning Objectives are defined and met during the project--but individuals who are also able to help identify the valuable gems and develop them into on-demand lessons. Such lessons would be linked to the project archives and resulting resources, and they would be cataloged and distributed via the Drupal Dojo.

    While it may be that a Kata Learning Project Manager may take on some of these responsibilities, we would ideally like each Kata Learning Project to have a Learning Manager who can focus on the learning and the creation of lessons, best practices and learning tools.


    • Work with Kata organizers to refine process for developing and managing Kata Learning Projects
    • Serve as Liaison between the Drupal Kata and the members of a particular Kata Learning Project Team
    • Work with members of the Kata Learning Project Team to accomplish the following:

    Planning / Design

    • Define Learning Objectives
      • for the Apprentices
      • for the larger Kata Community
    • Define Learning Milestones
    • Identify possible lessons that could be honed from this Kata Learning Project
    • Design a plan for the development of lessons related to this Kata Learning Project

    Learning Management

    • Facilitate periodic meetings with the team regarding learning, learning objectives, identification of important lessons, and possible best practices as well as the integration of the work with Kata Learning Projects objectives, work flow, creation of lessons and learning deliverables
    • Manage Learning--help insure learning milestones and objectives are met
    • Encourages team members to submit useful examples of work to the projects archive (a notebook section to be standardized across all Kata Learning Projects)
    • Identify segments of work submitted that would be useful in the development of lessons related to the project's work.

    Instructional Design / Production

    • Work with Kata Learning Project Manager/Owner, Mentor and Apprentices to capture, define and build lessons learned during the project.
    • Generate Kata Best Practices (a future database) generated during the project and refined as part of the debriefing at the end of the Kata Learning Project.


    • Stipend (if applicable) will depend on the nature of the role (development, design, business, etc.), level of expertise, and involvement in the project;...
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