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Sunday, February 28 2016

  • 7:53pm


    This is a business question, which I find hard to answer because I will never be as familiar with your business plan as you are.

    I've posted our pricing information in the other issue, but here is the important bit:

    • We charge you 150$ per server we manage.
    • You might be able to get about 100 small sites on 1 of our servers
    • This is highly variable and needs stress testing

    Basic calculations based on 20$/month:

    • If you can get only 20 sites on one server, we'll charge you about 320$ and you will be charging about 400$
    • 50 sites: Costs you 620$, gives you 1000$
    • 100 sites: Costs you 1150$, gives you 2000$
    • 200 sites (optimistic): Costs you 2120$, gives you 4000$

    This is not counting any additional support costs. As you can see, the profit margin more or less (logically) flatlines after 50 sites, but it's my educated guess that having more sites per server will lead to unforseen management issues.

    (Anything past this seems like speculation to me, and that's just not my field :) )

  • 7:40pm


    First I would like to say that we're transitionning all documentation to

    (Your rate would be "grandfathered" at 150$/month.)

    To answer your questions:

    I'm wondering if you could provide an idea how the free tier compares to the Base Aegir VPS I'm currently using

    You currently have 2 vcores, 4GB of RAM and 60 GB of disk space.

    As far as I can tell a free tier gives you t2.micro instances, which is 1 vcore and 1 GB of RAM and 30GB of Elastic Storage.

    Is there a limit to bandwidth and storage on your current single-site service?

    There's no bandwidth limit. The storage space is 50GB. We haven't moved you yet since you're planning on moving to AWS, but normally we would transition you to the VPS cloud 2, which is the same as you have now minus 10GB of disk space:

    We can upgrade a server to VPS cloud 3 if needed, with a proportionnal raise in fees.

    I don't know if you and Christian have had the conversation regarding rates but most of our fees are for the service so it doesn't matter much where the server is in terms of pricing.

    Would that be a separate setup/instance from my AegirVPS? Just wondering how this is different if we're providing allOpenProducer hosting on AWS.

    What do you mean? We would charge you 150$ per server we manage, and we only manage Aegir servers. I expect you can get about 100 small sites on a server (on our servers), though this is highly variable and there's obviously no way to know (yet) for your specific distribution. We charge 10$ per site (-3 free sites), so a full server would cost you about 1120$.

    I don't know how many sites an AWS t2.micro instance can handle, presumably it's less.

    Designing a different architecture would be a rather ambitious project, though for the usual price I could route them through Varnish or nginx (to have more than one server using the same * wildcard).

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