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Monday, July 25 2016

  • 5:21pm

    Per the recent convo in Slack, we have been given the green light to use OpenCollective to collect/distribute funds for a variety of ways including - 

    1. set up OpenProducer collective as a ‘supercollective’ or umbrella org to pool resources for ongoing managment and non-development actvities
    2. set up subcollectives for any projects (openproducer, station, airtime, etc.)
    3. set up subcollectives for regional sprints and meetups where people can build solutions for stations in their community as a way to learn; mentors can get paid (via sponsors) to do that work)

    A main requirement, aside from reading their FAQ, TOS, and supplying a logo/hero image for open producer (if we have), are the names, emails and github/twitter handles of core contributors.

    For the latter, we need to make sure we have goto leads for the roles referenced in the team page

    Based on that, I'd like to circle back to what your desired roles/rate/availability is... and the identify other folks who may be good candidates to fill out the team. My desired role/commitment remains largely unchanged as before.