Video/Video Podcasts

All video/video podcasts must comply with current standards and specifications as outlined by Open Learning Labs, including the inclusion of any required Open Learning Labs identifiers within individual video streams and/or as part of the video player.

Sponsors may be acknowledged visually within the “skin” of the media player used to stream video messages within a program site. This is an effective way to persistently acknowledge the sponsor(s) in the video experience.

  • A static 88x31 pixel logo may be used for each sponsor.
  • Logos are persistent in the player “skin” during the stream.
  • No more than 6 logos may appear within the player skin at any given time.
  • Logos must appear within the perimeter of the player frame (top, bottom, left column, right column).

Sponsors may also be acknowledged with a streamed video message. Producers should be aware that in respect to the user experience, industry trends are changing rapidly. Additionally, without the ad serving technology in place to marry sponsor credits with content in a consistent way, producers that opt to introduce video sponsorship at this time should plan and be prepared for:

  • Changes to the Internet sponsorship parameters – due to the quick-changing landscape around video sponsorship and distribution, the specific parameters outlined below are subject to change.
  • Third-party distribution of video – as Dojo and producers seek to distribute video elsewhere online, consideration must be given to those parties that will not accept video segments with embedded sponsorship credits.

Producers must adhere to the parameters outlined in this document, but to the degree that specific parameters for video sponsorship messages change, existing implementations will be “grandfathered” and will not require that the producer retroactively update those messages.

All streaming video messages must be preceded by the following preamble language: “Support for this program provided by…”

Text of Credits for Production or Acquisition Funding

The introductory text of an underwriting credit is generally left to the discretion of the producer. In any of these options, the producer may use the name of the program or series title in place of "This program."

Message Length:

  • Promotional Clips

    • Sponsors may be acknowledged by company/organization/brand name and tagline only.
    • Up to :07 may be used to acknowledge all sponsors in promotional clips that are at least 1 minute in length.
  • Program Segment

    • Sponsors may be acknowledged by company/organization/brand name only.
    • Up to :07 may be used to acknowledge all sponsors in a program segment under 2 minutes in length.
    • Up to :15 may be used to acknowledge all sponsors in a program segment over 2 minutes in length.
  • Full program stream

    • Up to: 15 may be used to acknowledge all sponsors in a full program stream.
    • For full streams only, producer may use the existing broadcast underwriting credit pod that has been approved for on-air. This credit must appear in the same location as the program broadcast, and must be fast forwardable. If the full broadcast credit is used, the producer may not insert any other sponsorship messages in the full program stream.

The preamble language will be considered in conjunction with the time limits outlined above. In the case when an on-air credit is repurposed for use online, the producer is responsible for clearing all rights for that credit to be streamed. Slates are highly encouraged for :07 spots, and when there are multiple funders that cannot all be acknowledged by name in audio in the time allotted.

Production Guidelines

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