Update team and roles

Task information

We need to assemble a new team. Per our discussion, it sounds like we need to rewrite this entire page?

I forget now exactly what type of realistic commitment/role you can take on. As the visionary (and a very well loved/respected community member), I think it's necessary for you to take on a visible/ongoing role - even if it's something like 5hrs wk? I'd like to commit to the same amount of time doing general wrangling and site building (I think this new OA site can actually be a proof of concept)!

The goal is to raise enough funds so we can pay the team leads (including ourselves)! Will probably create another issue for that.

Should we reach out to anyone on this list to see if they still can/want to assume any role? I guess we can do that with a post that we're back!

This is the first issue I've created (setting as private), so if you get this... we have already progressed!